The Octo Ring - Hollywood's Pedophilic Occult Coding System

It is the hypothesis of Octozone that there exists an occult pedophilic code in operation in Hollywood, America and the world in general. This occult code is what we have termed - under the umbrella term - 'THE OCTO RING'. That is, a collection of codes used to signal sexual preferences and desires towards children (persons generally under the age of 18). When we say 'code' we mean a secret way of writing & presenting, a secret system of signals & symbols and the specific rules which govern their use. Research to date indicates that this occult code has been in existence for at least 150 years, if not more.  Pattern Recognitions thus far show that this code is almost exclusively related to boys and very rarely to girls. It is an all-male ' pedophilic ring' occult code.  Although the 'Octo Ring' is mainly concerned with specific codes, it is infact a broad overview of the pedophilic codes used in film, television and the media. It explores the many facets contained with it.  So, where did this code come from? Research thus far indicates that it may have been a Communist programme (via the Vatican) which was rolled out in most countries - East and West. During our research, we have looked at several hundred Hollywood movies, Communist state movies and T.V. as well as European film.

The earliest appearances of this code can be observed in the work of American painters & illustrators such as Thomas Eakins (1844-1916), J.C. Leyendecker (1874-1951), Norman Rockwell (1894-1978) and Dick Sargent (1911-1978). Understanding the work of said artists and the techniques they employed in the embedding of codes will greatly aid you in learning the art of 'Occult Code Spotting'. However, first you have to review the information in this page carefully before moving onto these areas. But in order to understand the lineage from early 1900's to current day Hollywood, we recommend that you start with Leyendecker and then Rockwell (who were close friends for over 25 years). From there look at Director Steven Spielberg and his films of which Spielberg took great inspiration from Rockwell. It is also essential to explore the Symbolism, Numerology, Chromatics and Words of the Boys Scouts of America (BSA) which incorporated elements of this code at its inception.  [ The BSA was founded February 8th 1910 by (former) members of the YMCA & Masonic Lodges. Ref: 1 - 2 - 3 ]. In addition, Leyendecker, Rockwell and Spielberg all had long standing connections to the Boys Scouts of America which is evidenced in the relevant pages.

We would also like to state that it is our belief that Hollywood was established primarily as a Pedophilic organisation tasked with the dissemination of 'Predictive Programming' codes. Over the years it has mastered these techniques to what they currently are today. In this site we have attempted to break down these codes and techniques with relevant examples. So, let's begin.

The main constituents of the code fall into the following sectors or 'filters':

- Symbology: the use and meaning of symbols.
- Etymology: the origin of a word and the historical development of its true meaning.
- Numerology: the numerical value of the letters in words,objects, names, and ideas.
- (Occult) Chromatics: the study of colour and its occult meanings & codes.

The code is based on the principle of 'Pattern Recognition' applied across these 4 different research areas. The data extracted from these filters is then classified accordingly from the patterns observed. In general, the patterns that are relevant to 'The Octo Ring' code is as follows:

Symbol: Octagon    Number: 8 - 4 -    Colour: Yellow & Red    Etymology: Words and phrases relevant to the patterns & context observed.

In the sections below, each code area is broken down in more detail with examples. Work through it at your own pace until it becomes clear. However, before we do so, let's consider the  4 main functions of the 'Octo Ring' code first, and then we will move onto the themes inherent in 'Octo Ring' films.

The 4 Main Functions of the 'Octo Ring' Code

1) Predictive Programming: This code acts as a 'Predictive Programme' towards paedophilia - to promote it and the practice of it within society. Researcher Alan Watt defines Predictive Programming as “a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by our leaders. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as natural progressions, thus lessening possible public resistance and commotion.” We believe this predictive programme is evoking some sort of [unconscious] 'Undetectable Mind Control'. If you are not familiar with the concept of 'Undetectable Mind Control', the work of occult researchers Fritz Springmeier and 'Vigilant Citizen' is essential reading.

The Illuminati Formula Used To Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave - Fritz Springmeier - Springmeier & Wheeler (1996)

Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control

Monarch Butterly Symbolism

The predictive programming aspect of the code is probably the most dangerous part of it. However, by understanding the code, how it presented/embedded within media and it's intended goal, you will be able to defend yourself from it by raising your firewall/consciousness to an elevated level.

The exact mechcanism of how the predictive programme works has not been fully established as yet. However, our current research focus (brain-storming) at this time is presented here:

[ T.A.P.E.  Cycle ] Keep in mind that It is still very much at an early stage and needs further development and research.

2) Energy Source:
For whatever reason, these principal forces require the energy (i.e. from blood) of children who are sexually (physically & mentally) abused and traumatised. If you have read the general 'Octo Model' [ ] in the introduction of the website, you will be aware that it is the hypothesis of Octozone that there exists principle forces that guide the operations of our reality on planet. It appears this entity will stop at nothing to acquire this energy and the more it gets, the more powerful it becomes, and the more it wants. Perhaps the propagation of these principal forces that is controlling world events is very much dependent on acquiring this energy to survive.The work of occult researcher David Icke covers the concept of entity energy and their requirements. Watch from this point for 10-15 minutes or longer is desired:

The 'Octo Ring' code acts as a powerful medium for this entity to acquire and develop this energy. However, by learning the code, one can deprive these principal forces of this energy and thus destroy it in the process. One of the main hallmarks of the 'Octo Ring' is that it appears to be exclusively a 'Man-Boy' pedophilic occult code. Perhaps because this is the purest form of energy this entity can acquire? If we look to the works and writings of occultist Aleister Crowley, we can reference the following:

In 'The Equinox' Volume 1 No. 7; "The Method of Science - The Aim of Religion"  January 1, 1978, Crowley further writes;

3) Control Files
for those involved with Hollywood and beyond. For example, actors may be forced to star in certain films, with certain plots, to wear certain clothes if they wish to remain in the industry and climb the success ladder. Former Hollywood insider and Producer Jon Robberson briefly touches on this point. “Once they’ve got the goods on you on video, they own you,” Robberson said. “And that explains — I’m not making allegations here — but that explains why a mega-talent like Robin Williams would make something like ‘Patch Adams.’ Once they own you, they’ve got you.” 

In the film itself ('Patch Adams'), we can clearly see that Williams is displaying 'Octo Ring' code on his shirts. Was he doing so against his will? View images here:

Equally, it should be noted that just because an actor appears in an 'Octo Ring' film, or wears clothes with 'Octo Ring' symbology/numerology, that does not in any way imply or infer that said actor is knowingly or consciously doing it. In fact, it maybe the case that the vast majority of actors et al probably have absolutely no idea of what they are taking part in. How is that so? Because 99% of people are decent human-beings whose conscious mind would not allow them part-take in such things. Actors/Designers/Costume-makers/etc have probably the most to gain by becoming 'Octo Ring' symbol literate as it gives them the power to stop it at source. 

Therefore, DO NOT contact or harass anyone mentioned within this website. The information contained within this site deals with an old Occult Coding System and NOT individual persons. Be clear to distinguish the two. Thank you.

4) Chaos Theory: Sexual abuse during childhood seeds future chaos in society. Research indicates that early sexual trauma creates a culture of chaos, violence, & crime which directly feeds into the - Ordo Ab Chao - (“Order from Chaos”) philosophy. The more chaos (sexual abuse) they cultivate, the more control they gain. Listen briefly to Jon Wedger, an ex-detective (Scotland Yard) of 28 years who comments briefly on his experience in the Vice-Squad (Child Protection Services).

Listen for 30 Seconds:

Listen for 55 Seconds

International Handbook of Violence Research pp 817-832 | Trauma and Violence in Children and Adolescents
'Numerous studies have demonstrated a strong correlation between child abuse and subsequent violence (Lewis et al., 1989; Lewis, 1992; Wetzels, 1997). For example, Levinson and Fonagy (1998, cited in Fonagy, 1998) found that 82 percent of criminal offenders, 36 percent of psychiatric controls and 4 percent of others had been abused as children.'

Themes in 'Octo Ring' Films

Films and TV programmes that employ the 'Octo Ring' code usually follow certain themes, namely;

1) Trauma: Most 'Octo Ring' movies and TV programmes usually contain the trauma of a young boy. The trauma can be either physical, mental, sexual or a mixture of the 3. Scenes of children in deep states of trauma appears to be part of the predictive programming process and thus feeds energy to the entity.

Film Trailer: 'Little Boy'

ICON: In the examples provided in the 'The Octo Ring' section, namely the 'Films' and 'Media' pages, you will find this icon when trauma symbolism is presented.

Director Steven Spielberg constantly uses boy-trauma symbolism in his movies. Below is a typical example from the 1993 movie 'Jurassic Park'.

2) Parentless: Almost every 'Octo Ring' movie will feature a boy missing one parent, usually through death. Where the father has died, a 'masculine' and 'manly' figure can enter the frame and establishes a relationship with the boy. Sometimes it can be the separation or divorce of parents that creates the 'parentless' situation. And to a lesser degree, it can be dysfunctional parents with drug addictions or mental health issues which give rise to the 'absent father'. It is the absence that creates the possibility of the boy being attacked or harmed, either physically, emotionally or sexually.

In the 1936 film 'Little Lord Fauntleroy' we can see the predictive programming in action - even at the early stages of Hollywood.


Walt Disney is renowned for the way their movies always depict dead or missing parents.  The trauma evoked by this in the (young) viewer is necessary to embed the 'Octo Programme' thereafter using the codes.

Why are so many Disney parents missing or dead?  [ Good graphical examples provided ]
'Many Disney movies share a curious detail....Delve further into the Walt Disney Studios' extensive archive of feature-length animated classics and similar trends emerge. If maternal figures aren't absent from the start of the story, many are killed, captured, or replaced by a "wicked stepmother" along the way. Even Disney's most high-profile acquisition ever, the Star Wars franchise, follows the pattern: a dead mom and absentee dad, with the Skywalker children being raised by relatives. Is there a darker undertone to these tales?'

3) Forests: Many 'Octo Ring' films have scenes which are located in a forest as this is the 'Boy Hunt' location to install trauma. Note the etymology of relevant words. In this website we provide many film examples of boys in forests and the associated symbolism.

If you are not aware of the symbology, numerology and etymology of Hollywood, It is highly recommended that you review the information presented here: [ Review ]


Research Link: The Orphan Story

4) Representations: Depending on the context of the film and setting, an E.T. can symbolise a man or boy. The same goes for a monster or animal. This can be a seen a lot in Steven Spielberg films. For example, here is a screen shot of the TV Series 'Taken' by Spielberg.

A scene from Jurassic Park.

or another example from Speilberg's 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'. The 'Aliens' coming down the ramp represent small boys.

This is from the popular Australian TV series 'Skippy The Bush Kangaroo'.

The Code

The 'Octo Ring' is made up of various symbolic, numeric, chromatic and word codes. We are now going to look at each area in more detail below. However, it is recommended that you explore these areas in a wider context before reviewing them in the 'Octo Ring' context.  This is to help you understand such concepts more easily. Link: Octo Analysis


The Octagon is the main symbol used to denote/signal the presence of the 'Octo Ring'.  In the occult world of pedophilia, symbolism is the secret language that unites insiders. It possesses its own unique codes, signs and symbols that may appear irrelevant or insignificant to the outsider, but instantly recognisable to those that know it. It is found throughout the Entertainment industry and beyond.

Careful consideration must to given to the media presented as to whether or not it is indeed an 'Octo Ring' signal. It could be a general 'Octo' signal simply denoting its presence. Many examples of this can be found in the general 'Film' page. How to distinguish between the two is a skill that one will develop over time through research and awareness. Be mindful that the Octagon is a symbol is used by the Vatican, Governments, Music Industry and beyond.

For example, let's take the film 'Minority Report' from 2002. Here we have a scene set in a playground with a large Octagon, a boy playing alone with a unknown man waiting in the area. That for instance can be considered a strong 'Octo Ring' code signal. This judgement is made after analysing all codes/imagery presented in the film. How and where the Octagon appears can vary greatly from film to film. Thus, you need to be to train your eyes to be sharp in spotting it.

Another good example is the film E.T.

or the film 'Stand By Me'.

Other symbols are used within 'Octo Ring' movies but it's generally limited to a specific few. We are now going to explore them.

The 'Buck' Code

The 'Buck' is probably one of the most commonly used 'Octo Ring' codes. It can be used stand-alone but often used in combination with other codes depending on the context. Let's look at word and animal in more detail.

The main point to understand from the above information is that the word 'Buck' has a sexual meaning [ intercourse - cock - copulate ] and when signaled in a film, in a specific context, i.e. with children, it takes on a more dark and sinister meaning. It is also important to note that the Alpha-Numeric value of the word 'Buck' is 8.

One of the main ways the 'Buck' is signaled in a film is through the use of 'Antlers'.


A good example of 'Buck' symbolism in action is demonstrated in this episoide of 'The Simpsons'.

There is also a colour code in operation too which will be covered below.

A more direct and blatant example is the 2015 film 'The Boy'.

In the 1990 film 'Home Alone', again we can clearly see 'Buck' symbolism on his hat.

Boy Scouts Magazine

In the film 'Hook', we see a boy's shadow signaling the antler.

Another example of the hand signal in use from the 2019 film 'Ford V Ferrari'. Note the way the hand points towards the number 8 and a boy to the left. In this scene the dia-log goes:
Man: "See out there! Out there is the perfect lap! Do you see it?"
Boy: "Yes I think I do?"
Man: "Most people don't"

In the 1987 film 'Batteries Not included' there is a scene that pauses on a flickering lamp shade.

Yet another way to present 'Buck' symbolism is to use the word directly itself. This is from the 1989 film 'Parenthood'.

 ICON: In the examples provided in the 'The Octo Ring' section, namely the 'Films' and 'Media' pages, you will find this icon when 'Buck' symbolism is presented.


One of the major predictive programming (signaling) techniques used in movies is the 'Boy-Buck' toggle. That is, a sequence of images of 'boy-buck-boy-buck-boy-buck' are presented to the viewer at various points in a film. The earliest use of the 'Boy-Buck' toggle in Hollywood can be observed in the 1946 film entitled 'The Yearling'.

and again in the 1994 remake of the film - 'The Yearling'

Other good examples of the 'Boy-Buck' toggle in action in recent movies can be observed here:

Simon Birch

The Cold Lands (Review Images)

The technique of toggling is not exclusively unique to 'Bucks'. It can be any type of animal such as a Dolphin, Dog, Kangaroo or Bear. It can also be a Man. In the film and media sections, different examples of such toggling are presented. Here for example is a 'Dolphin-Boy' toggle from the 1963 film 'Flipper'.

In the 1985 Walt Disney movie 'The Blue Yonder', there is a sequence that demonstrat the 'Man-Boy' toogle in practice. Note the way the sequence in the movie toggles between Boy-Man-Boy-Man-Boy-Man (play the brief slideshow below to view). This goes on for a few minutes.

Bird Symbolism

The main birds used to symbolise the pedophilic 'Octo Ring' are:

And finally, another bird used to signal is the Pelican.

The ' E 3' - ' 3 E ' Code

Like the 'Buck' symbol, the '3 E' - 'E 3' code is probably one of the most commonly used 'Octo Ring' codes as it is so easy to disguise/hide in plain sight. It's presence in 'Octo Ring' films denotes a pedophilic signal/preference depending on the context in which it is used.  To explain it in simple terms, take the Octo number 8 and split it right down the middle. We are left with two symbols which look like 'E 3'

Additionally, in terms of the Alpha-Numeric value of ' E 3' &  '3 E';  E is the 5th letter of the English alphabet + 3 = 8.

The way '3 E' - 'E 3' is represented on media can vary greatly as those behind the placement of it are extremely clever and creative. In films it mainly appears on clothes, furniture, and decor. While in other films it is digitally placed there. By training your eyes over time, you will become more proficient in spotting it. The code can be represented by '3 E', 'E 3', 'E E', a single 'E' or '3' and so forth. They can be placed at any angle and position you can imagine - straight, curved, wavy, zigzag, dotted, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, parallel, curvilinear, perpendicular and so on.



We have provided hundreds of examples of the 'E 3' 3 E' code in action in the 'Octo Ring Films' page for you to view. In the meantime, let's take a few good examples.

In the 1993 film 'This Boy's Life', we see a sofa cover with the '3 E' code.

Spielberg's 'Super 8' from 2011.

A scene from 'Peter Pan' 2003

and finally, 'L.I.E.'  from 2001.

Numerology: Alpha-Numeric Code 8

Gematria is a powerful tool that can unlock hidden codes in plain sight in order to reach a deeper meaning (decipher). It helps us probe, explore, and dissect letters and words in a way which leads to different perspectives.

In terms of 'Octo Ring' analysis, the main number - CODE - is the number 8.  Like the 'Buck' symbol and 'E 3' '3 E' code, the presence of the number 8 in 'Octo Ring' films denotes a pedophilic signal/preference depending on the context in which it is used.


As stated previously, this entity requires energy from:


which they acquire through:

and of the

The number 8 can be represented by certain objects, places, words, letters and numbers when the alpha-numeric value equals '8'. The process of gematria is employed to convert these elements into a numeric value. The objects (symbols) presented below are commonly used in 'Octo Ring' films to denote pedophilic signaling/preferences. Note the symbol's alpha-numeric value is always the value of 8.


Dog Symbolism - Various Movies

Clock Tower

In this website, we have provided many examples of how these and other objects are used. But let's take a look at some real-life examples........

Walt Disney 2020 official merchandise:

The TV kids programme 'Henry Danger' has the number 8 embedded within its logo.

Film 'Giant Little Ones' from 2018.

'Good Will Hunting' 1997

Here we see Macaulay Culkin in the 2003 Drama 'Party Monster' with Octo signaling.

While the number 8 is the dominant number of the 'Octo Ring' code, other numbers are also used but this is limited to just a small few.  One of which is the number 4.

 When the number 4 is signaled in an 'Octo Ring' movie or media, it generally denotes the following:

- Pedo signaling in general.
- Preference for very small boys. ('Half' of the number 8)

Here's a couple of examples. The first is from 'Home Alone I'. In this scene a taxi driver is waiting to take the 'late' family to the airport. A unknown local boy is hanging around the taxi and enters the cockpit to ask questions about the vehicle.

or River Phoenix in Gus Van Saint's 'My Own Private Idaho' 1991. On the movie poster was can see number '4' signaling.

While in the movie itself, we can see the context in which the '4' is used. 'Mike Waters' is a rent-boy and arrives at the clients house for his next job.

or Norman Rockwell's 'Boy Scout of America' illustration.

Like the number 8, any object, symbol or word can represent the number 4 if the corresponding alpha-numeric value equals 4. For example, the object/symbol of an airplane is often used to signal number 4 in an 'Octo Ring' film. In Spielberg's 'Empire of the Sun' we see this in use. In this scene the boy is lying in bed looking up the ceiling at all the model airplanes hanging from it. The camera focuses on the boy staring at the planes and then cuts to the model planes, thus ‘4’ signaling.

Sometimes the number 4 can be presented by using the number '22' [ 2 + 2 = 4 ]. For example, a scene from 'Parenthood' which also contains a colour code.

The other important numbers to be aware of is the number 3 and or 33. The presence of this numbers denote the following:

Y-Front Symbolism

Another important symbol in 'Octo Ring' films is the White 'Y-Front' brief often called a 'Tighty-Whitie'.

The main symbolism of significance here is the character 'Y', which is both a 'tail' symbol and character code.  Character codes are covered in more detail below.

The colour white represents the purity and innocence of youth which this entity seeks out. 'Octo Ring' films normally feature a boy in just his 'Y-Fronts' along with other Octo signaling. Here are a few examples:

In the 1989 film 'Parenthood' we see a young Keanu Reeves with figure of '8's' over his head as well as symbolic objects with alpha-numeric values of 8.

This scene is from the 2019 film called 'Low Tide'.

A TV example from October 1993 is 'House of Horror' (S5 Ep.7) in which 'Stand By Me' actor Wil Wheaton and his friends are subjected to 'Octo Ring' symbolism.

and finally, a scene from the 2015 film 'The Boy'.

The 'Y-Front' brief first appeared on the market in America in 1935. It was manufactured by a company called Coopers and they launched the 'Jockey Y-Front'. Such male underwear had never been seen before and the earliest adverts from that period had 'Octo' code signaling. For example, here is an early advert from Coopers:

Many male 'Y-Front' underwear adverts from the 1940's and 1950's had varying levels of 'Octo' coding. We have analysed images from the 1920's / 30's / 40's / 50's from 'Y-Front' print adverts from American manufacturers only such as Jockey, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Carter's Trigs, E-Z, Munsingwear, Mayo Spruce, Topkins and BVD. Our findings can be viewed here:

Y-Front Underwear Symbolism (Artwork) - 1920's/30's/40's/50's - American Adverts

Carter's Trigs Y-Front Symbolism - 1940's & 50's - Artist Unknown

ICON: In the examples provided in the 'The Octo Ring' section, namely the 'Films' and 'Media' pages, you will find this icon when 'Y-Front' symbolism is presented.

Blond Hair Symbolism

Blond haired boys is another recurring pattern in 'Octo Ring' movies. This is in line with the main 'Octagon' colour of yellow.

Blond hair is also a symbol of 'Monarch Mind Control' or 'Monarch Programming'.
'Yellow/Blonde hair represents the dissociation, fear, and is a sign to others of successful reprogramming (mkultra/monarch programming). Sending this dehumanizing message may constitute a humiliation ritual if that message is received as intended. 'Mary Obasi
Breakdown of the symbolism of blond hair with examples:

We are also informed by Gematria of the 'Octo' numerology present.

David Icke in his 1998 interview with Arizona Wilder , she briefly talks about the importance of blond hair to the bloodline entities. Listen from this point for 2.5 minutes:

Chromatics - Colour Codes

There are generally two-colour codes in operation with slight variations of them.

The 1st is White & Red - while the 2nd is Yellow & Red. Both are often used in combination but can be used separately depending on the context. Both signal male pedophilic desire and preference for boys.

The origins of this colour code probably stems from communist Russia (via the Vatican) and was 'imported' into Hollywood et al.The colour scheme can also be referenced to the Knights Templar and Vatican (Cardinals) as well as Swiss flags and symbolism . Ref: [ Origins of Octo ] [ Vatican Flags & Colour Codes ]

ICON: In the examples provided in the 'The Octo Ring' section, namely the 'Films' and 'Media' pages, you will find this icon when 'White & Red' chromatics is presented.

'A Tale of 2 Two Coreys' 2017.

A scene from the 1995 film 'K.I.D.S.'

 One from Spielberg's - 'Hook' 1991.

'Home Alone'

'Brightburn Movie' - 2019

'Mysterious Skin' from 2004

When white is used on its own, it tends to be used to signal a preference/desire for younger boys (under 12). Below is a couple of examples.  

from the film 'E.T.'

'David' from the film 'A.I.'

One of the biggest stand-alone 'Octo Ring' colour chromatics is Red. It is used almost exclusively on boys clothing. For example, hoodies, t-shirts, shirts, scarfs, hats, etc.. This we have dubbed this 'The Red Boys of Hollywood'. Lot of examples are provided in the links below.

The Red Boys of Hollywood - Part 1

The Red Boys of Hollywood - Part 2

The Red Bandana is a common 'Octo Ring' code signal. For example, Corey Feldman in 'The Lost Boys'

Spielberg's 'The Goonies' from 1985.



Yellow & Red are often used in combination but can be used separately depending on the context. 

Like the Red and White colour code, the origins of the Yellow and Red colour code can be (cross) referenced to the Vatican and Communism. One particualr occurrence of the Yellow-Red code is the logo of the Communist movie production company called Odessa Film Studio.  The logo is of a ship with a Red/White/Yellow flag (see below). Research is currently ongoing as to the origin and meaning of this flag. Odessa outputted many 'Octo Ring' films during it's tenure, many of which can be viewed here:

Communist Russian / USSR Soviet Children's Movies & T.V. 1940 - 2020

Like other Hollywood 'Octo Codes', was the Yellow-Red colour code imported (as a hommage to Odessa) and incorporated into their movies and TV? Indeed, the ship symbol itself is also used as a 'signaling' symbol. For example:  Gus Van Saint's 'Good Will Hunting'.


or Spielberg's 'E.T.'


ICON: In the examples provided in the 'The Octo Ring' section, namely the 'Films' and 'Media' pages, you will find this icon when 'Yellow & Red' chromatics is presented.

'Even if it Rains' 2020

from the film 'Mrs Doubtfire'

'Dead Poets Society'

Spielberg's 'A.I.' Film

Gus Van Sant's film 'Elephant'

1980's American TV Series 'Mork & Mindy'

'Empire of the Sun' from Spielberg.

'The Goonies'

In the 2004 film 'Finding Neverland' we see both colour codes in use. 

Various examples of Yellow / Red colour codes in films.


Stand-alone yellow is not frequently used, but here is an example from Gus Van Sant's 2003 film 'Elephant'.

or River Phoenix in 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'

Blue can sometimes be used alongside Yellow and Red but never stand-alone. It signals all-male pedophilic preference/desire for young boys. Blue has an alpha-numeric value of '4' which correlates to the relevant numerical codes outlined above.

To summerise the main 'Octo Ring' chromatics:


In addition to the above pattern recognitions, more specific patterns emerged during the course of our research, namely:

Arms Behind Head Symbolism

This is a relatively unknown / unrecognised pattern recognition within the occult research community as a 'symbol'. Throughout the course of our research, this pattern recognition is present in almost all boyhood movies & T.V. regardless of politicial, geographical or cultural standings.

Various 'Arms Behind Head' Symbolism

Various 'Arms Behind Head' Images - USSR/Communist Childrens' Movies & TV Programmes

As this research is so new no referrences can be sourced for such a body posture/shape. However, Octozone suggests......................

The Alphabet In Our Hands, Stan.

for detailed viewing

For quick viewing watch him run through all the letters in sequence. Pay particular attention to the letters that go around the back of the head.

But notice the 

Six and its connection to Sex

Male (3 equal sides) and Female (3 equal sides) triangles meet= 6 

One Eye Symbolism

It is a commonly held belief within popular culture and the occult research community that the ‘One Eye Symbol’ equals the ‘Illuminati’. This maybe the case. However, based on the context in which this symbolism is used in Communist/Soviet boyhood movies and TV, Octozone suggests this symbolism may in-fact be a Paedophilic (signalling) symbol and / or it may represent the organisation (‘Ring’) involved with this Paedophilic Predictive Programming (P P P). In gematria terms, it should be noted that the alpha-numeric value of the world ‘Eye’ is 8 – a representation of OCTO.

Different examples of one-eyed symbolism on boys in Hollywood movies and Western TV can be viewed here:

Different examples of one-eyed symbolism on boys in Communist movies and TV can be viewed here:

(L)eft and (R)ight eye symbolism is ancient knowledge informed by the understanding of occult science of the perfect balance between the two polarities that are present in duality.

Male and Female. Not to be understood as gender (man and woman) but as the polarity (a principle of natural law) the positive and negative that are constituent parts of ALL energetic phenomena. They are also not to be looked at as good or bad either. They have to be accepted with equal respect. They are twins (often they are symbolically presented as twins). One without the other could not exist.

The eye is a sense organ. The opening of the eye that lets the light in is called "the pupil" Just as a someone who is learning and looking towards the light of wisdom would be called "a pupil"


The two sides of the eyes have a different relationship to the brain.

The left and right of the brain have a connection to different behavioural characteristic and brain states.

In terms of the occult science of polarity, the right brain is considered "feminine" and the left brain  "masculine"

If someone was to cover their left eye it would be said that their right brain is not be stimulated by light. So their female aspect is not being enriched or nurtured.

Left eye blocked (right side - female aspect blocked).

Right eye blocked (male-left brain aspect blocked). Notice this child is wearing navy-Blue (feminine) in the photo below:

In freemasonary right is sun-male Jachim (Jack Jacob- Red-sun) and the left-female is boaz indicating the same metaphorical science of polarity.

This moon has its "right eye/male/sun" blocked which is significant as the moon is considered feminine.

Bruised/Black Eye Symbolism

Different examples of bruised/black eye symbolism on boys in Hollywood movies and Western TV can be viewed here:

The actor Jonathon Taylor Thomas. His name means 'Twin'.

Note: With the idea she can help him "become a man".

Different examples of bruised/black eye symbolism on boys in Communist movies and TV can be viewed using the link below. When the 'Black Eye' is presented in these communist boyhood movies, it is often the left eye.

When one looks at Hollywood/western movies and TV, one can observe the same pattern recognitions as the communist boyhood movies and TV programming in terms of the ‘Black-Bruised Eye’ symbolism. Like communist programming, it only occurs with young boys. 

Different other hypothesis are suggested online regarding the 'bruised eye' phenomenon.

Author and radio show host Sherry Shriner coined the phrase “Soul Scalping” to describe the black eye phenomenon. "In their insane desire to have human bodies as their own, Aliens have perfected the ability to take a person's soul out of their body and put it 'elsewhere.'"

While Henry Makow states.........
“The bizarre recurrence of facial bruises (and bandaged fingers) on Illuminati politicians and entertainers has resulted in speculation that their souls have been replaced in a satanic ritual called "soul scalping." I do not believe in "aliens" unless we are speaking about a demonic spirit that has overcome the world elite. This is not a crazy conspiracy theory. Something very sinister has happened but no one wants to face it. Mankind has been colonized by a satanic cult.”

The website ‘Hidden in the Crag’ suggests the ‘Black Eye’ is the left eye of Horus, a ritual, a badge of honour if you will.

In recent years it gained some mainstream news attention with the Daily Mail UK outlining.......
“the black left eye is part of a cult or 'Illuminati' high-level initiation ritual during which the pledger is said to be forced to 'eat pain' in a quest to become more powerful.“

Prolonged close-up shots of boys faces:  Another technique which was somewhat unique to communist Octo Ring films is that of prolonged close-up shot of the boys faces. Many examples are provided in Octo Ring communist section of this site.

Hands and Finger Symbolism

At present Octozone is currently researching different hand and finger symbols present in popular media culture. Already different pattern recognitions have been observed some of which are presented in the link below. In time we hope to present more conclusive information. One pattern recognition of note is this one :


Various 'Hands/Finger' Symbolism

Spiral Symbolism - FBI Intelligence Bulletin - 31st January 2007

In January 2007 the website 'Wikileaks' released a FBI Document from the Cyber Division entitled: 'Symbols and Logos used by Pedophiles to Identify Sexual Preferences'. It outlined how particular symbols are being used for occult signaling. We can see from the document that boys are represented by a spiral - Triangle and Round.

Ref: Wikileaks

Let's look at some examples of where this symbolism has been found in movies.

'Artemis Fowl' 2020

Micheal J. Fox in Speilberg's 'Back to the Future I'

Film from 1989 called 'Uncle Buck'.

Spielberg's 'A.I.'.

Leonardo Dicaprio in 'Basketball Diaries' - 1995

ICON: In the examples provided in the 'The Octo Ring' section, namely the 'Films' and 'Media' pages, you will find this icon when the "Boy Love Triangle" spiral symbol is presented.

ICON: In the examples provided in the 'The Octo Ring' section, namely the 'Films' and 'Media' pages, you will find this icon when the 'Little Boy Lover ' spiral symbol is presented.

Etymology of Words

The etymology of a word is very important in understanding 'Octo Ring' code. Words can often be represented by an object such as an animal. i.e. a 'Buck'. But sometimes the word needs to be looked at in great detail and often in order languages such as Latin, Greek, Hebrew, etc, in order to reveal its true meaning. For example, if we take the world 'boy' and look at the French etymology of 'Garçon' we see the importance of 'Gar' (Fish) and 'Con' (Driver of Ship). Below we have provided the etymology of relevant 'Octo Ring' words. Additionally, throughout the 'Octo Film' pages we have provided many etymology breakdowns when required.

Character Codes

Just like words, characters that made up the alphabet have their own unique alpha-numeric value and meaning. The shape of characters also gives them their meaning, power and force. Below we have presented the most commonly encountered character codes found in 'Octo Ring' movies with relevant examples.

Character Code Y

'Y' is a phallic symbol representing the 'tail' of the male. It can be observed in augmented in text and graphics or objects such as the sling below.

Character Code O

'O' can denote either a 'Ring' or 'Hole' (i.e. Anus) depending on the context. It normally has a centre hole and bbjects/shapes may come from the centre. Usually augmented in text and graphics.

Spielberg's A.I.

Character Code H

'H = 8th  letter of the alphabet. Usually augmented in text and graphics. Used to denote preference for '8'.

Character Code ! and/or 'WW'

- ! is used to denote a phallic symbol. Usually augmented in text, graphics & logos.
A scene from Speilberg's film A.I.  Note the use of 'WW' as a character code to signal '8' along with !.

A scene from Speilberg's film 'E.T.'. Again, we see the use of the character code:

Character Code S

'S'  has an alphanumeric value of 8. Thus used to signal '8'

Character Code X

'X'  is the 24th letter of the alphabet. 24. [ 2 X 4 = 8 ]

A scene from the movie 'This Boy's Life'. The sofa throw is signaling X.

Character Codes with Tails

Characters with tail endings can include:

'g' - 't' - 'm' - 'w'

From the music video "So Young" by The Corrs.

Character Codes with Various Alpha-Numeric Combinations - CC - CE - etc

In essence, there is a wide range of alpha-numeric cominations that can be used to signal either '8' - '4' - '33' etc. Below we have provided the more commonly used ones. However, always be on the look out for different ones.

'Giant Little Ones' from 2018.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

From the film 'Ford V's Ferrari'.

Other single and double letter combinations that are infrequently used but to be aware of.

Concluding Words

If you have read and clearly understood the information presented above, you are now ready to proceed to review the codes in action using a wide spectrum of movies, media, and graphics. For the 'Octo Ring' movie section, it is recommended that you watch the movies in tandem with our image stills, freeze-framing as often as required. Play the various scenes over and over until it becomes clear. This will help train your eye when watching an 'Octo' movie in real-time - either at home or cinema.

The desired end result of understanding these codes and how they work is to equip you with a strong firewall that is able to detect the codes in real-time, block the predictive programming aspect of it, and to keep your consciousness aware of what is going on in front of your eyes at all times. Training your eyes to spot the codes takes time and proactive research. But once learn't and understood, it can never be forgotten.  Moreover, we would most certainly encourage you to undertake your own 'Octo Ring' research to widen your knowledge base even further. Please publish your findings on social media using the hashtag #octoring and / or #octozone and we will find it thereafter.

We are acutely aware of the magnitude of what we present and its implications for the individual's mind and society in general. Thus, be mindful of the process of 'Cognitive Dissonance'. So, work at it at your own rhythm. The subject matter will be quite challenging and not suitable to younger readers. However, young people should try to understand the predictive programming code as it will protect you against it.

It should be remembered that the information contained in this page is provided to the best of our knowledge at any given time. It is subject to change and updates if and when new research comes to light. It is consistantly evolving.

images presented in the 'Octo Ring' section may trigger certain individuals with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and / or those who have experienced childhood trauma. Even for 'normal' viewers, some of the films and their scenes may also be difficult when watched through 'educated eyes'. Thus, excercise due caution and discretion.  However, a 100% of the images presented are taken directly from mainstream Hollywood movies/trailers, TV Programmes and open source public search engines. There are absolutely no illegal images on this website whatsoever or anything of an offensive nature.i.e. There is absolutely no images of violence, blood or the like. So all images are safe in that regard. We have gone to great efforts to ensure this.  Any image found on this site can be located within seconds using reputable search engines and websites. Our research in this area is entirely focused on symbolism in Popular Culture such as the movies, music and the arts.

We thank you for your time and open-mindedness. We trust that you have found the above to be informative and enlightening.